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He gave us the power of the Holy Spirit--the Guide---the Comforter--the power of God for us to live by and overcome the here to download this tract "Pentecost tract #2......... This tract gives the invitation that we as Christians are meant to share with everyone we meet--the Gospel!

Ihre Daten werden innerhalb eines Standardverfahrens geprüft.(IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ACROBAT READER YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE...Click here for the free download) "The Good News Letter"........Nach Prüfung Ihrer Bonität wird Sie die Advanzia Bank über den weiteren Verlauf der Beantragung informieren und detaillierte Informationen zukommen lassen.Nach der Prüfung Ihrer Daten und Genehmigung erhalten Sie Ihre persönliche Mastercard GOLD von der Advanzia Bank zugesandt.Zur Aktivierung Ihrer Zahlungsfunktion senden Sie bitte portofrei die anhängende Aktivierungskarte unterschrieben an unsere Partnerbank zurück.

These great witnessing tools can be printed and distributed for pennies a piece!

We all have freedom to choose, at least while we are alive here in the earth! This is the story of two sisters who were given beautiful white ball gowns and invited to the Party by the Host.

But, only one of them finds the way to be made here to here to download as a web page Plugged In.....

Fold the tracts so the front cover (the first panel of side "A") is face up, and cut where indicated.

These are the same tracts that we will send you by postal mail and we appreciate if you can print them yourself--thank you and God bless!

He opened the door, for all to enter God's kingdom.

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