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A.-Mex-themed gastropub in Fishtown, has created a compelling new rendition of the oddball hybrid.He subs out the hot dog for spicy kielbasa made nearby at Czerw's and fries a fish cake in cracker meal that's so moist with béchamel inside that it melts like a creamy tide across the griddled link, with the sweet-tart crunch of cool cabbage and pepper hash adding its perk.

As owner Joe Beckham sees it, Bait & Switch is more than just another renovated old tavern with a nifty fish fry.

The new chippie was shortlisted as a finalist for the Best Newcomer Award, one of 15 categories in the 30th anniversary National Fish & Chip Awards, organised by Seafish.

Malt and Anchor will now compete against two other shops, Fish and Chips @ Weston Grove in Cheshire and Quayside Restaurant & Fish Bar in Aberdeenshire to clinch the title of ‘UK’s best new fish and chip shop’.

It's a statement restaurant, both about Port Richmond's sudden resurgence and the flagging state of the region's fish house genre: "We felt we had something to say about seafood in Philadelphia that wasn't being said." Our city may be rich with snapper soup history, but the grand icons have largely faded away, along with their repertoire of straightforward classics.

The quality of ingredients and skill level of cooking has improved.

But seafood has morphed primarily into a more upscale endeavor in which a hunk of striped bass or seared dayboat scallops typically lands in the high s and up. For those unfamiliar with this curious relic of Philly hot dog-eana, the much-imitated "combo" created by Levis Hot Dogs in the early 1900s pairs a frankfurter with a fish cake and pepper hash on a bun.

Bait & Switch aims to make the seafood experience casual, affordable, and fun again, without sacrificing freshness or scratch cooking for a plate or less. It's admittedly as weird as fried oysters with chicken salad, another uniquely bizarre-but-stellar Philly pairing.

Age: 19-35Occupation: Saskatchewan Frat Boy Hobbies: Spending a month’s rent on bottle service, beer pong tournaments, and occasionally getting in some curls for the girls at Gold's Gym.

Looking for: Someone to cuddle with on hungover Sundays.

“Our finalists should be applauded for their successful start in the world of fish and chips – they have taken the challenges and demands that come with a new business in their stride, demonstrating exceptional levels of commitment, talent and dedication.

"They not only have what it takes to make a lasting impression within their local communities, they’re also on track to become true champions of the wider fish and chip industry.

Image via Instagram Age: 19-25Occupation: University Student.

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