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Charley Kazim Uchea (born 30 June 1985) is an unemployed self-styled 'it girl' from Lewisham, southeast London.

No decision has been made on representation for Charley and that will not happen until she is out of the Big Brother house".

A new housemate called "Pauline" entered the house on 8 July, supposedly from Big Brother Australia, however, her true identity was actress Thaila Zucchi, and worked as a mole for Big Brother, before being removed on Day 42 after she completed her task.

On Day 59, five new people entered the Half-Way House, becoming Half-Way Housemates.

In 2010, it was reported that Billi had begun producing hardcore pornography for British adult channel Red Hot TV with a special series called What Billi Did Next to mark the end of Big Brother on British television in 2010.

The series also stars fellow ex-housemates Darnell Swallow, Amy Alexandra and Rebecca Shiner. Winning the show meant he became the recipient of the £100,000 first prize.

Charley was evicted on Day 59 with 85.6% of the public vote.

David Parnaby (born 15 April 1988) is a drama student from Bristol.She was removed from the house after she uttered the phrase: "are you pushing it out, you nigger? She was called to the diary room to discuss this with Big Brother during the early hours, and had to leave without any further contact with the other housemates.Since her Big Brother stint, Parr has been landing small film roles and working in theatre based in the South West.In 2002 he contributed a chapter to a book entitled Cult and Death, about Archaeology and ancient history.His subsequent career was entirely in the commercial Art world including training at the paintings department of Sotheby’s Olympia and working a well-known private gallery in St James, London.Chanelle was tested by Big Brother and had the highest IQ in the house, scoring 114.