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There are many popular attractions in Texas for active adults and retirees including The Alamo, Houston Space Center, State Capitol, Paseo del Rio, Galveston Island, Gruene Hall, Natural Bridge Caverns, Cowboy Stadium, Big Bend National Park and much more.

Texas is also home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other state including AT&T, Dell, NASA and Men s Warehouse.Overview Texas is quickly emerging as a top destination for retirees.In fact, a recent study conducted by the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement noted that Texas has surpassed California and Arizona to claim the number two retirement destination in the country behind Florida.Most large metropolitan areas in Texas enjoy prices that are below the national average and some places in the state are as much as 20 percent below the national average.The reasonable prices and open spaces have attracted many retirees in recent years.Cost of Living & Taxes Texas is one of the most business-friendly states in the United States with low taxes, low cost of housing and high quality of education.

Active adults appreciate that real estate prices are among the lowest in the country.The cherry on top is the amazing Chevy Chase, so oft-criticized for being the self-indulgent ham, who delivers as nuanced and compelling ensemble-sensitive performance as you are ever going to see.My sense is that this show has got some serious legs!Texans follow this motto and tend to be larger than life and accepting of everyone making the state a huge melting pot of many cultures and lifestyles.Texans love their history and take pride in their state.The concept of a bunch of mismatched community college students bumbling through life is rich with possibilities and, speaking as a former community college student, has the ring of truth all the way through.