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In today’s busy world, convenience seems to outweigh consequence, especially with how people use their mobile devices.Using free public Wi-Fi networks, for example, comes with any number of serious security risks, yet surveys show that the overwhelming majority of Americans do it anyway. have their personal information exposed to hackers each year, and most cyber attacks have financial or espionage motives.

There are dozens of online tutorials showing hackers how to compromise public Wi-Fi, some of them with millions of views.

When executives connected to their luxury hotel’s Wi-Fi network and downloaded what they believed were regular software updates, their devices were infected with malware.

This malware could sit inactive and undetected for several months before being remotely accessed to obtain sensitive information on the device.

Around 70% of people connected to the nonsecure Wi-Fi networks at both conferences.

Security consultants often find that sex can be an attention-grabbing metaphor to get a client’s attention.

The better you protect yourself, the greater your chances of minimizing the potential damage.

Remember: Falling victim to public Wi-Fi’s dangers is a question of when, not if.For mobile devices, the harm is digital: the theft of your personal data, such as passwords, financial information, or private pictures or videos.You’re rolling the dice every time you log on to a free network in a coffee shop, hotel lobby, or airport lounge. have their personal information exposed to hackers each year.The Domestic Partnership Law recognizes the diversity of family configurations, including lesbian, gay, and other non-traditional couples.Top of Page Same Sex Marriage Information Same-sex marriage is now legal in all states and territories of the United States including the District of Columbia as per the Supreme Court's decision in the case of Lawfully married individuals, including individuals in same-sex marriages, are entitled to more New York State rights and benefits than those registered as domestic partners here in New York City.Top of Page Fee The fee to register a Domestic Partnership is by credit card or money order payable to the City Clerk.

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