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And Oy, a smart, lovable, loyal, toddler-version-of-a-talking-animal who looks like a slinky raccoon and whose eyes are rimmed with gold and if you have read the entire series and your throat doesn’t lump up at the story of Oy, then you might as well just make a reservation at the Dixie Pig and let them eat your heart because you aren't using it anyway.-ish stuff, and some ley line business and a trip to see the Wizard of Oz.

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Some wise parts of the internet have made their peace with that—and, maybe to its credit, the movie doesn't try.

In the film, a girl and a boy are dating each other. Every weekend, he drives back to see his girlfriend (at the beginning).

But he meets someone else at work (they start dating), and the original girlfriend also starts to date this really shy guy.

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."This is Stephen King's best opening line.

It's one of the best opening lines in literature.

The long version is, well, longer: It involves not only Deschain following a bad guy called The Man in Black (aka The Walkin' Dude, aka Randall Flagg) across the desert, a psychic boy named Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), a woman in a wheelchair with dissociative identity disorder named Odetta/Detta who has tactical sex with a demon and uses the sieve of Eratosthenes to find prime numbers, a heroin addict named Eddie who fights a gun battle naked and defeats an insane train named Blaine with dad jokes.

There’s also a place in New York called the Dixie Pig where cannibal vampire things eat people, and a place in Mid-World called Calla Bryn Sturgis that’s patrolled by robot wolves.It seems instead to promise a more Manichean struggle between good and evil, one punctuated with a trip to the Dixie Pig and some humor wrung from Roland's first encounter with our world. I kill with my heart.” But what the movie does not promise is the band-of-brothers on Audible right now and let me just say that we are closing in on hour 10 and I am getting awful tired of Tom Bombadil.)When a world is this huge and multi-dimensional, there's no hope of cramming it into a 2-hour movie. One of my favorite parts of the series is when the gets captured by Blaine the bonkers AI-gone-AWOL train, which then forces them into a riddle contest (shades of Gollum and Bilbo in the passageway under the mountain).(Maybe we might get a little tooter-fish sandwich action going, too? Roland and Jake know plenty of good riddles, but it's Eddie who defeats Blaine by letting his mind rest and sprawl and free-associate gnostically, linking different parts of his brain together—not looking straight at the problem, not focusing on the direct combat with the loco-motive, but rather going soft and thinking around corners to arrive upon the sorts of jokes that might perplex a computer.)Speaking of guns, the bullet juggling in the trailer is fantastic—the mid-air drop-swipe! The Lifesaver, where you flick them out of your palm with your thumb! Eddie adapts the Gunslinger's creed to his purposes: "Because I shoot with my mind," he thinks in the book. God help me to shoot this overblown calculator with my mind.—and I'd watch the movie just for lizard-brain-stirring gun lore: “I do not aim with my hand … Help me shoot it from around the corner." I've always loved that scene because it’s a way of thinking that can get you out of a rut—it could get a lot of us out of some of the ruts we’re in, actually, if only people would do it more.They begin a long distance relationship, but their relationship breaks down.

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