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With no success in recovering the missing money, the female teacher then forced the ‘alleged suspect’ to completely strip off all her clothes despite the student’s objections.

It is not advisable to make quantitative comparisons of targets probed before and after stripping since the procedure removes some sample protein from the membrane.

These steps can be repeated for probing with several antibodies, though the potential signal may be weaker and the background higher after each round of stripping.

Some researchers report successfully staining a membrane after stripping ten or more times.

Stripping is the term used to describe the removal of primary and secondary antibodies from a western blot membrane.

Stripping is useful when one wants to investigate more than one protein on the same blot, for instance a protein of interest and a loading control.

They said that once the approval from Mo E was received, they would go to the ROP to file a legal complaint.

Mother calls for a better way to deal with discipline issues Meanwhile during the search, a male student was found to have a tobacco product in his pocket and was suspended by the disciplinary committee for a month on the same day.While the school principal and the vice-principal refused to answer repeated calls over two days by Muscat Daily, a member of the school’s board of directors confirmed that the incident had indeed taken place.The official said that he did not condone the incident and said that he had reported the matter to the relevant ministry as this was a ‘clear case of child rights abuse’.He expressed hope that the concerned legal authorities in the country would take strict action against the teacher, as he was not sure anything much would be done given what he claimed were “vested interests that were acting to cover up the whole issue.” The board official said, “I am facing a bit of a reluctance from a few members of the board to take action.The only option now is to take it up with the legal authorities in the country.Don't skip a variety of spy cam reality movies from beaches, dressing rooms, bath rooms and etc.