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A Kyma user who, for various reasons prefers to remain anonymous, will be generating the sounds for Reflected Moment Masher: a Psychedelic trance party under the gurgling cosmic splinter field this Saturday May 17. On Monday, May 19th at 7 pm, composer Tamami Tono will present a live concert performance in the offices of the Japan Society on East 47th Street in New York. Claudio Lugo ( provided interactively surround-processed sounds for A Stars' Collier for Cathy — a special production at Teatro Ariosto on Tuesday dedicated to Cathy Berberian and featuring pyrotechnic vocalist Cristina Zavalloni (If you come, be prepared to camp, and bring along any necessities like food, water, (and electric generators? Tono is the recipient of the second Siemens' "Artist-In-Residence" award and is working in the U. In several movements, each named for celebrated female performer, the piece featured special sound objects for each artist: diamonds in a tin box (Marilyn Monroe), kitchen set for eggs' recipe "à la Marlene" (Marlene Dietrich), hairbrush (Julliette Gréco), great archaic iron maracas (Maria Callas - Medea), great plastic paper white flower (Billie Holiday).

Sound designer Hamilton Sterling used Kyma to do a manually-controlled decode of the MS stereo production recordings that were made during the number of impromptu rehearsal scenes leading up to the final concert.

Douady believes that this phenomenon can be explained by something called the Reynolds dilatency—a vibration created by the dilation and compression of air as grains separate and come together. For more links and sound recordings of "singing sand" see Edmund Eagan is seeking submissions of Kyma sound art for a DVD-A compilation disk.

Sound art, sound design, and all musical genres will be considered (

For the backstage scenes, he played back the concert material through various sources and re-recorded it in the original dressing rooms and backstage areas for a you-are-there verisimilitude.

Kyma was also used to create the rapid on-board car bys and car idle bys during the scenes of travelling through New York.

With Spectrality, Disney animator Marcus Hobbs continues his use of Kyma to create microtonal melodies using ancient scales against a backdrop of acid techno beats.

For more of Marcus' music visit Brusci announces an MP3 version of a timet compilation called COMPILATIONE classicism meets the beat: an electronic tuscan scene now available on You may freely use this music under a EFF legal licence. On April 18, Chris Guest (of This is Spinal Tap fame) is set to release his new film, this one centered on the folk music groups of the early 60s.Joel Chadabe will be using a new performance interface of his own design to control Kyma in live performance on the 24th (Saturday).Also featured in concerts and installations are Yoichi Nagashima and Garth Paine. On Monday April 28 at 8 pm, Joel Chadabe's composition class at the Manhattan School of Music is putting on a concert of live electronic music using Kyma in Greenfield Hall. For centuries, explorers have reported that crescent-shaped sand dunes can emit low sounds like that of a turbo-prop airplane (giving rise to a legend involving the ghost of a buried dinosaur).Words & Music, on Tuesday, June 3 at 8 pm, features Chris Mann's Plato Songs, Kenneth Goldsmith's 73 Poems (performed by Joan La Barbara), and Joel Chadabe's Many Times Chris.Mann reads and Chadabe uses Kyma to electronically multiply and transform Mann's voice, sending it around the room, left, right, up, down, everywhere, creating a complex verbal and musical fabric.Next to the bird cage is a podium with Charles Darwin's book on human behavior (a lesser known and earlier work than Origin of Species).