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For instance, one set of routines was memorised by the aid of references to the female organs.This was something that the girls figured they just had to put up with.“They actually didn’t think there was much harassment, they had been prepared for a lot more,” says Lilleaas.

We thought that the girls could not possibly be OK with it,” says Ulla-Britt Lilleaas, who, together with Dag Ellingsen, is responsible for the report (“The Army: the vanguard, rear guard and battlefield of equality”).

Lilleaas and Ellingsen have studied recruits in the military service who are stationed in Northern Norway.

Before their arrival at the camp, some of the girls had thought along the same lines; for instance the girl who had prepared herself by purchasing large sized underwear.

Ellingsen believes that this may have had an impact on the positive result.“In this unit, everybody is very motivated for the military service and making it work is a common project.

And the girls in the unit seem well aware of what it takes.

Many of the girls believe that the unisex rooms have made it easier to be accepted by the boys.

“Is the degenderisation all about adaptable girls becoming ‘one of the boys’?

Lilleaas and Ellingsen are highly critical towards the military rule saying that problems should preferably be solved at the lowest possible level.

They believe that this may hinder the work against sexual harassment as the cases are never brought into light and properly handled.

They recommend great caution when introducing unisex rooms in other military units.“The management in the northern unit was probably decisive for making the experiment such a success.

The leader was aware of the girls and paid attention to what went on.

New research shows that gender became less important when the girls and boys shared unisex rooms in the army.