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Online dating informative speech - dating charvel guitars

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is generally used when a speaker wants to describe a person’s life—either a speaker’s own life, the life of someone they know personally, or the life of a famous person.

All we’ve done in this example is create a spatial speech order for discussing how waste is removed from the human body through the urinary system.

It is spatial because the organization pattern is determined by the physical location of each body part in relation to the others discussed.

In this example, we still have three basic spatial areas.

If you look at a model of the urinary system, the first step is the kidney, which then takes waste through the ureters to the bladder, which then relies on the sphincter muscle to excrete waste through the urethra.

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This pattern is best used when your main points are oriented to different locations that can exist independently.

The basic reason to choose this format is to show that the main points have clear locations.

In essence, the states create three spatial territories to explain.

Now let’s look at a spatial speech unrelated to geography.

In this example, we’re looking at the writings of Winston Churchill in relation to World War II (before, during, and after).

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