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Oovoo dating - cgristian dating for

Developed alongside Intel, oo Voo’s Superclear™ technology aims to correct some of the negative effects of network loss and provide HD-quality video and audio clarity with minimal issues on both desktops and mobile devices.

Sending text messages is fine when you don’t have time for much else, and phone calls are good when you need to quickly communicate a complicated idea.

But nothing beats being able to actually see your partner’s face hear his or her voice, and that’s the quality experience oo Voo provides.

Launched in 2007 and now run by Dayton, Ohio company Krush Technologies, Oo Voo is a free app available on Amazon Fire Phone, Android Smartphone, Android Tablet, i Pad, i Phone, i Pod Touch, Mac, Windows Phone, PC, and Intel Real Sense devices.

Millennials may dominate the member base, but oo Voo is for anybody who wants a high-quality video chat experience.

Whether users are long-distance couples keeping love alive or transnational companies that need to connect to do business, oo Voo has a handful of standout features that make it happen.

Watch Together allows up to 11 people to watch the same You Tube video simultaneously, so now you won’t have to miss out on your significant other’s commentary about how that guy in the video was in that other thing you watched. With oo Voo’s Play It Again feature, you can record conversations with your loved one and enjoy them again at a later time.

We all lead busy lives and your free time isn’t always going to match up with when your significant other is available.

“We’ve had a lot of success, primarily because of the age of the audience, with our avatars,” Chris said.

A major part of modern dating is sitting on the couch next to your significant other and watching movies or TV together.

It is, however, a great way to conduct a business meeting or talk to up to 11 friends or family members at once. Run by parent company Krush Technologies, also known for apps like Flinch and Heystax, oo Voo’s goal is to narrow the gap between humans and technology.

“Our app (oo Voo) is about bringing you closer together via technology with the people in your life you really care about,” Chris said.

College is a period of transition that can cause separation from significant others.

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