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The island is part of the "East Mainland, South Ronaldsay and Burray" ward, represented on the Orkney Islands Council by three independent councillors.The local community council covers both South Ronaldsay and Burray.

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When it opened it had 170 pupils but the school closed in the 1960s.South Ronaldsay's main village is St Margaret's Hope, Orkney's third largest settlement.It is named either after Margaret, Maid of Norway, the heir to the Scottish throne who died in Orkney age seven or possibly St. The village has a small blacksmith's museum and is known for its annual Boys' Ploughing Match.Microtus arvalis ronaldshaiensis is one of five varieties of the Orkney vole, a sub-species of the common vole found only in the Orkney islands.Larger than the common vole, it resembles the field vole but has shorter, paler fur.The locations are all known although little physical evidence remains in several cases.

Murdoch Mac Kenzie’s 1750 map of the island indicates the site of lead workings near Grimness and a visitor in 1774 "saw several deep holes which I was informed were sunk in search of Lead ore" although only small quantities were mined.

The tomb was in continuous use for a millennium or more.

The burnt mound at nearby Liddle, discovered by Simison in 1972, is the best example of a Bronze Age cooking place in Orkney.

The Orkney voles were introduced to the archipelago in Neolithic times.

The oldest known radiocarbon-dated fossil of the Orkney vole is 4600 years BP, which marks the latest possible date of introduction.

Female pupils of Hope Community School - or those whose relatives have taken part before them - gather in the school hall to transform themselves into richly decorated show horses.

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