Outlook 2016 other calendars not updating

06-Feb-2017 17:17 by 5 Comments

Outlook 2016 other calendars not updating

I also have problems getting IOS6 "Appointments" calendar to sync with i Cloud (my Mac Book i Cal and Windows8 Pro Outlook 2010 were working normally).

On this same page are also instructions for other apps and devices. On the Tools menu, click Trust Center, and then click Add-ins. View the add-ins and application extensions that are categorized as follows: ◦Active Application Add-ins Lists the extensions that are registered and currently running in your Office program.

You can migrate appointments from the broken calendar to the new, working shared calendar by logging into the i Cloud Web Page and manually changing each appointment's calendar.

This is very time consuming if you have many appointments.

I was planning to migrate my "Appointments" to "Appointments2" using Outlook (because its easy) ...

BUT its very comforting to realise that I'm not alone and someone else came up with this already!

The only way to solve the Outlook Sync hanging problem that is caused by a broken shared calendar is to delete the broken calendar.

Make sure that you migrate all of the important appointments before you do this, because deleting the calendar will also delete all of the appointments on it.◦Inactive Application Add-ins Lists the add-ins that are present on your computer but are not currently loaded.For example, smart tags or XML Schemas are active only when the document that references them is open.Since SL "doesn't do i Cloud", I may stick with assigning the calendar manually to ensure the events also sync over when I plug in my devices (even if this means duplicate entries sometimes). :-( Problem: Synching a shared calendar did not work from my Mac to i Phone (using i Cloud), but worked from i Phone to Mac.What I did: In the Calendars App on the Mac I exported the calendar - to have it as a backup.The old calendar could not be deleted on the Mac, it just re-appeared again (confirming that changes made on the Mac did not sync to i Cloud).