Paleomagnetic dating accuracy

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This is the depth before any corrections or correlations to other cores have been made.Data on core depth give the greatest flexibility in reinterpreting the data.

At the high-frequency end, Holocene field models provide some information (depending on the model resolution), but an important application of sediment data within GEOMAGIA50 will be to improve the paleomagnetic power spectrum over the intermediate frequency range.The database will be updated as new sediment data become available.) stored palaeomagnetic data from archeological materials and lavas alone; however, paleomagnetic, rock magnetic, and chronological data from sediments deposited over the past 50 ka have broad applications across the geosciences.The quasi-continuous nature of sediments makes them an attractive source of information about temporal changes in the geomagnetic field.They augment archeomagnetic and volcanic data, which provide only spot readings of the paleomagnetic field and are often sparsely distributed in time (e.g., Guyodo and Valet ).However, it is common that data will be given on a composite depth scale (the depth after corrections or correlations).

The database accommodates both depth types with separate entries.

These include understanding past changes in the geomagnetic field, physical environments, climate, and anthropogenic impact. ), the latest modifications to the general structure of the GEOMAGIA50 database and more specific changes to the archeo/volcanic database are described.

This paper addresses the scientific rationale, design, and function of the newly implemented sediment database.

The period between 50 ka and the present contains a wealth of geomagnetic variability that we understand only in part.

Sediments deposited over this time have the advantage of being within the limits of radiocarbon dating, as well as being suitable for dating by other chronological methods (e.g., The power spectrum of geomagnetic dipole moment variations allows us to investigate the time necessary to average the geomagnetic field to obtain a stable time-average (if this exists).

Several databases provide paleomagnetic, rock magnetic, and chronological data; however, none that are currently maintained exclusively catalogue data from sediments over the past 50 ka.

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