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For example, the driver includes special When you execute a Re QL query with the Java client driver, the operation is performed synchronously.

We think that Rethink DB’s approach to data persistence and realtime application development–pushing live updates to the frontend–are a great fit for Java as developers chart the frontiers of these emerging trends.You can see the complete demo application source code on Git Hub.The Java client driver includes a number of convenience mechanisms that make Re QL work well in Java’s statically-typed environment.The Vert.x event bus also has a Web Socket bridge, implemented on top of Sock JS, that you can use to propagate messages between the frontend and the backend.In my demo application, I have a simple HTTP POST endpoint that the frontend client application can use to send a message.You can perform queries and receive live updates as the output changes.

Java is a well-established language with a large enterprise presence.

The handler for the endpoint inserts the message into a Rethink DB table: method, which tells Vert.x to use its thread pool to execute the anonymous function in the background.

This feature is useful when performing Rethink DB queries with the Java client driver, since the queries are executed synchronously.

The client driver is a library that implements Rethink DB’s Re QL query language and provides support for connecting to a Rethink DB cluster.

Java developers can use Rethink DB to build realtime web applications.

With this release, we now officially support Java for Rethink DB application development, alongside Python, Ruby, and Java Script. It’s built on Rethink DB’s modern JSON wire protocol and supports the latest capabilities introduced in Rethink DB 2.2.

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