Problems updating batman arkham asylum

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Problems updating batman arkham asylum - datingbw ru

If the Phys X option is enabled, the fog volume elements will always appear, even if the discrete Fog Volumes option is disabled.

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The stencil shadows cast by those dynamic objects are gone.

Distortion The Distortion effect is easy to spot in motion, but harder to illustrate in a still screenshot.

The effect creates a ripple effect behind some of Batman’s tools, such as the Batarang and the Batclaw.

We also witnessed no performance differences between "Off" and "On." Dynamic Shadows The Dynamic Shadow option toggles shadows cast in real time by mobile game objects.

As we can see from the comparison above, with Dynamic Shadows enabled on the top half of the screenshot comparison, the guards, the Joker, and the gurney are all casting stencil shadows even as they move down the entry hallway.

Fog Volumes Fog Volumes are a physics feature that creates volumetric fog elements that are fluid and displaceable.

Phys X is responsible for the fog volumes, so if Phys X is disabled, they will not appear.In the image above, Batman is throwing a Batarang in both halves of the image.In the top half, in the center of the image, you can see a ripple swiping down from the upper left to the lower right.With the motion blur effect enabled, the motion of the camera is plainly apparent.With motion blur disabled, however, the screenshot looks like the camera is sitting completely still.It's got everything I loved about the original, but has been given a shot of Titan, making it bigger and better in every way.

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