Pulse stopped updating

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Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation.

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We are not responsible for any content you choose to have on your device. This chart will default display to "Self-entered" or "Max" automatically.To view your Moves step data, select "Moves" in the drop-down menu.Furthermore, any third party software, third party addons, or products in our articles will receive no support in official Kodi channels. We as a website do not host, run or control any addons. Any addons you choose to add are at your own discretion.We provide information on the addons that is freely available on the internet and from the addon developers themselves.It looks like there is a fix needed, so here it is.

Ok, let’s go to SYSTEM and then FILE MANAGER As you can see I am using the AWESOME WOOKIE BUILD and I am running Kodi Isengard 15.2 on my T8-AML-V3S.

I hope this solves the problem for you if you ever experience it.

Please check out some of the great guides, tips and tricks available at Enjoy.

Take note of the two files called Addons 16and Addons 18 If you are unsure about doing this you could always navigate to the Database folder using a File Manager and take a copy of them first.

(That’s what I did) One at a time highlight the file and bring up your Context Menu and select DELETE.

They have a possible bugfix, but Red Hat cannot reproduce it so they are unable to test it at the moment.

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