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There is something indefinable about this area which touches each person who visits in a different way.Some people are awed by the majesty of the mountains, some that such beauty can even exist, while others fall in love with the native bush in all its resplendent colours, textures and variety.

But take care when venturing away from paved areas.Buildings of this age, style and quality of preservation are not found anywhere else in New Zealand.Where there are beautifully restored buildings, there are often stunning gardens, and Dunedin is no exception.Fans of snow can choose from skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing, ice skating, snowmobiling and the spectacular heli-skiing or boarding; water-lovers can try canyoning, jetboating, river surfing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, rafting hot pools, sailing and cruising.For those who like to look down on the world, there’s parapenting, para sailing, hot air ballooning, sky diving, abseiling, aerobatics, scenic flights, gliding, hang gliding and scenic flights.Never venture into the New Zealand bush without warm clothing - and having done your homework!

The bush may look pretty, but if something goes wrong you need to be fully prepared.

Some are the natural result of volcanic action over the millennia while others are manmade.

Some can be driven alongside for miles, others can be glimpsed briefly through the native bush.

Today, that architecture - with its distinctly Scottish feel - is a tourist drawcard.

From cathedrals, churches and civic buildings to private homes, early stone and wooden buildings abound throughout the city giving it an aura of bygone England.

The town expaned exponentially in all directions which resulted in a variety of problems caused by a lack of the services and facilities that we take for granted.