Read double your dating online

29-Mar-2017 05:21 by 10 Comments

Read double your dating online

So get her to swipe right by giving her an enticing glimpse into your daily lifestyle.

Finally, if you’re stuck between 2 to 3 potential options for your main Tinder profile pic, see how many right swipes (aka.

Travel photos are great for this, but make sure to also include some taken closer to home.

According to this study by, 81% of singles want to see photos showing your everyday life.

Guess which one she’s going to remember right before she swipes left or “forgets” to respond to your icebreaker message?

Getting feedback from women on your photos is essential.

A camera’s flash adds 7 years to your age, which isn’t going to do you any favors.

Hiking, surfing, riding your bike – the possibilities are endless.It’s easy, so unless you love spending your nights alone, there’s no excuse for having a terrible photo on Tinder.Now that we’ve covered the importance of gathering opinions on your photos, let’s talk about the types of photos that commonly work well.Always remember this: You’re only as attractive as your worst photo.Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by having 4 great photos, and then the one of you blackout drunk, dressed up as Wonder Woman on Halloween.It’s true that not many women read your profile before they swipe, but some women who are sitting on the fence trying to decide what to do will check it out.