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Newton flippantly expressed it, even if he now regrets it. In fact, this is nothing new for Newton -- he called another female reporter "sweetheart," in 2012. Another quarterback, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Jameis Winston, spoke to a fifth-grade class in February and said to the assembled crowd that women are "supposed to be silent, polite, gentle," versus boys, who are "supposed to be strong" (something he later apologized for and tried to clarify).

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He had eight tackles and a fourth-quarter interception that all but sealed this one with remaining."The guy is the best middle linebacker in the league," Davis said.

And those are typically the same people who come out of the woodwork when something like what happened on Wednesday inevitably occurs, telling us we're taking this all too seriously (and that sandwiches, apparently, need making).

But these aren't just attacks on women, or us as individuals -- it's an attack on our employment, at something we've worked hard to attain, at something that was already a struggle to achieve to begin with.

But no, Rodrigue had to go and use the word "route," somehow triggering Newton to chuckle and instead of answering the question remarked, "It's funny to hear a female talk about routes.

It's funny." Rodrigue confronted Newton after the press conference and, per her statement, he did not apologize.

But as long as the Panthers continue to play defense the way they are now, they have a chance.

Julius Peppers, Carolina's 37-year-old defensive end, said after the opener this was the best defense on which he's played.

That's what Rodrigue did, as detailed in a profile by her colleague Scott Fowler, leading her to the Panthers' beat.

It's what I've done and what every person who makes their living covering this game has done and continues to do, every day.

Davis, who played the past two games with a broken rib, played as physical as he has all season.

He was so physical on a first-half hit on wide receiver Adam Humphries that he could get a fine from the league to go with the unnecessary roughness penalty he drew.

And that's serious stuff: to want us to lose our employment and to just go away already.

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