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Claire has been having a bad time with her daughters.Alex, who has no trouble with math, has been placed in Hailey's class, something that does not sit well with the older sister.

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From the Season 6 Finale of Modern Family, "American Skyper." ABC WEDNESDAYS 9|8c.

Watch Phil Atwill walking the walk as he pins down the Leogang track on his hardtail.

Best of all, he doesn’t even seem to struggle that much!

Mitch's boss, Charlie Bingham, is throwing a party at his ocean front home. It is a struggle no to be tempted to partake on the goodies being passed with the cocktails. They end in the water as Cam cries because he wants to help the fish, while all the party guests watch them from the terrace.

At a presentation, Charlie talks about watching a dolphin ingest a plastic bag. Finally, Phil is able to walk the tight rope without any problems.

From Season 9, Episode 1 'Lake Life' of Modern Family ABC WEDNESDAYS 9|8c.

It's Alex's (Ariel Winter) graduation day, but Phil (Ty Burrell) is out of town, so Andy (guest star Adam De Vine) rigs up a tablet to some wheels to help Phil skype in with the family.Phil wants to do it, for perhaps no other reason than to prove he can do it. He is not the source of the noise, it is Jay's dog that has found its way to their bed.Luke takes the junk food to his room without telling the rest of the family. Gloria wants him to put a stop to it, but Jay cannot find the heart to punish the pooch.Claire taking the girls to school stays too long talking with the girls in a no-parking zone.The female guard is adamant she moves, which eventually she does, but the next time it happens, Claire is given a ticket.Jason Winer directed this chapter getting the high degree of acting this program is famous for.