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Back in 2005, when Osnes was understudying the role of Jasmine in the Minneapolis Children's Theatre Company production of Disney's Aladdin, she fell for Aladdin's understudy Nathan Johnson.In a rare twist of theatrical events, the two ended up going on together after the actors playing Aladdin and Jasmine collided on stage and had to go to the hospital.

But her heart was captured long ago—before she won the reality show competition "Grease: You're the One That I Want," before she was nominated for a Tony Award and before she became Broadway's sweetheart.Osnes' real-life leading man moved off the stage and into the photography studio.He now shoots production stills and promotional photos for Broadway shows (including the scintillating shots for Bonnie & Clyde) as well as album covers and campaigns like Broadway for Ted Baker.Fortunately, she's been blessed to work with really great guys and very talented leading men.Each one of them has been so cool: Paolo Szot, Jeremy Jordan, Santino [Fontana]… I think the biggest thing for me is to make sure I have a presence in her life off stage, and we set clear boundaries through the rehearsal process, because you're dealing with really intimate concepts and sometimes very passionate stuff.Before setting off to celebrate Christmas with their families, the couple sat down with to talk about their holiday traditions, that fateful first kiss and how Johnson fends off Osnes' onstage leading men.

You shared your first kiss onstage, as Aladdin and Jasmine.

NJ: We're super close to our families, so we love the holidays. I've got a new nephew, so we'll spend a few days with them and then we'll come back to Minnesota to see her family and my father and spend a lot of time with our nephews there. LO: We're doing a 10-day Christmas multi-city extravaganza trip. Is it hard when Laura's in a show and you have to stay in New York for the holidays? LO: It is a little tricky, but fortunately our families understand. We love performing together at little concerts and things like that so if the right thing came along—especially if it was to do something with Laura—I would consider it, but yeah I've kind of moved on.

I think people have only come out for Christmas once or twice, just because our parents are divorced and we have four families, but our parents come out here enough to see me in shows and come hang out with me and Nate, so it's not like Christmas is the only time we can see our families. I love performing, but I don't love the process as much as a lot of other people do.

We do enjoy singing together when we get the opportunity.

And, Nate you're a photographer now and you own a studio in New York?

So we got him a small studio and now we have this nice big studio down in Chelsea. I think she looks so beautiful, but everyone was great. I'm working on a project right now that's going to be launching in the next two weeks.

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