Ring dating styles

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Ring dating styles - usher and chilli dating

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The pinky is represented by ARES (Mars) who is the God of war and that’s why you see mobsters wearing pinky rings, it’s a kinda like hidden violence.According to sources the One Direction heartthrob bough the 18-year old star a gold Yves Saint Laurent ring as a romantic, Christmas gift.Though, Jenner and Styles have yet to make their relationship public, the gold ring is prompting rumors online that the two young celebrities might have a possible engagement on the brain.“Each one of these mounds (the pads on the palm where the finger joins the hand) is represented by a different god and in Greek culture you wear a ring on that finger to praise that particular god, to pay homage to that particular god.For example the thumb represents POSEIDON (Neptune) which as you will know is the god of the sea and he was very independent.The index finger is represented by ZEUS (Jupiter) Zeus was the king of all gods, and the God of Thunder and Lightning. Your ring finger is of course represented by APHRODITE (Venus).

That’s a very dominant finger, and having a ring there means you tend to be a more dominant person. She is the goddess of love and that is why we wear our wedding rings on that finger.I will be reading up this post alot more to study and will field test to let u know about it. i have been trying to link what finger they wear rings on to their star sign.. Cheers Whisper Hi Whisper I use it as a DHV in A1 - works like a dream there - usually straight after the opener. If she has a ring on her wedding finger say “is that an engagement ring or do you just wear that to keep the womanisers away?? cancer most girls i have come across only seem to wear rings on these fingers.. I say wait till comfort before giving out hard-core chick crack.This can be used in comfort although I usually use it in A1 - almost immediately after the opener. but by knowing their star sign you can tell them a bit about themself.. Otherwise: why are you so interested in her so early? Also note that chick crack is great for staying in set a long time but it seems to attract the craziest/most troubled girls the most.Start to rock out of the set and then "notice" the rings and say "i have to ask before I leave (FTC again), do you always wear those (that) ring(s) on those(that) finger(s).