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When you run the program, use the file selection tools provided to select your downloaded ISO image files.Then select the SHA256 algorithm for calculation, and run the tool.

If your computer has a drive that only writes CD media and not DVD media, download the CD-sized files a file system that is still in common use on older computers and which is limited in this way.FAT32 was the default file system for computers that used the Windows 98 and Windows Me operating systems, and was also used on many computers with the Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems, although it was not the default choice.Refer to Section 5, “Next steps” to learn how to start your computer from a Fedora disc.If you press on the Fedora boot screen, the Fedora installer will offer you a chance to test the disc.If you have a slow connection to the Internet, consider using a download manager.

Download managers typically enable you to pause and recommence the download at convenient times and to resume a download that was interrupted.Therefore, to turn an ISO image files into a CD or DVD on Windows operating systems prior to Windows 7, you need separate disc burning software that can handle ISO image files.Although this is true of most disc burning software, exceptions exist.The actual names of the files, while not visible at this point, will be visible later on in the process.For now, just move along to the next step." Nowhere in the process, not even when you added the files from C:\XP to the Bootable Disc Project did they appear in the list of files.This is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to burning ISOs under every operating system.

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