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In order to create a safe and healthy place for Christian singles to gather for fellowship, teaching, and friendship, we review people's available public online information to make sure they are not actively engaging in any unhealthy behaviors that could be harmful to our group or any of its members. If a current member sees a new person coming that they have personal knowledge (first hand or from other group/church connections) has exhibited unhealthy behaviors or activities that could be harmful to our group or upsetting to any of our members, a "Member-Alert" can be sent to the leaders with specific details.

If these are the things you are looking for, we encourage you to find other groups that will meet these needs.

Thank you for helping those who needed it the most.

Very Christian Singles is the best place online to find serious, committed Christians who are looking for a relationship.

We serve people in Colorado through our weekly event in the Denver metro area, and we serve others around the country and across the world by making our online teaching handouts, audio podcasts, and videos freely available for their personal, group, or church use.

This is a Christ-Centered, Word-Based, and God-Honoring ministry that helps single and single-again adults grow in their Christian faith, fellowship, and friendships in this season of their life.

We meet on Tuesday nights from ~- for a CATERED MEAL, MESSAGE, and SOCIAL TIME.

A weekly opportunity for Christian fellowship with other singles from across the Denver metro area and front range The opportunity to form new friendships with like-minded Christian singles Enjoying a wonderful catered MEAL with a chance to meet and visit with people over dinner Inspirational messages (for videos, audios, and handouts of past teaching sessions go to In other cases, we will temporarily dismiss the new person from our member list and alert them that a "Member-Alert" has been sent in and we will offer to provide further details and allow for their response before a final decision will be made if the person is invited back into the group (with conditions) or if they will be permanently suspended from the group.Refusal to respond to the "Member-Alert" alert dismissal email followed by any attempt to return to the group will result in a permanent suspension from the group.Our group does have a security team and any individuals who have a "Member-Alert" status who attempt to come to Tuesday nights or any of our social outings will immediately be asked to leave the premises.For search engine purposes so people can easily find this group: We serve Christians who want to grow in their relationship with the LORD and with other Christ-centered believers who are single single (never married) or single-again (divorced, seperated, widowed, broken relationship).Other key SEO words- Christian, Bible study, Bible believing, Bible teaching, Jesus Christ, followers, fellowship, church, religious, evangelical, charismatic, pentecostal, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, dating, divorcee, divorce, divorced, lonely, friendship, activities, baby boomers, busters, baby boomer, buster, outings, events, recovering, celebrate, recovery, widows, widowers, grief, support, group, social, friends, friend. You'll come into the Cabelas parking lot and he'll...

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