Rules for dating a hockey player

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Rules for dating a hockey player - Adult cyber chat rooms

Regardless of their names, girls love hockey players.Reportedly, Christina El Moussa started dating hockey player Nate Thompson in midst of her divorce from Tarek El Moussa.

Christina El Moussa gave birth to a daughter, Taylor Reese in 2010 and welcomed their son Brayden James in 2015. Yet a police report from the Orange County Department obtained by tells the story of a tense situation involving at least 11 sheriff’s deputies, a police helicopter, and guns.

And her almost former husband has some dating rules to explain to her!

This public split is only getting worse every other day!

The report claims that Tarek El Moussa was threatening to suicide. on May 23, 2016, police responded to a call of a possibly suicidal male with a gun.

The mate, who was at the El Moussa’s house at the time, reported she saw Tarek take the handgun from the gun safe.

Nate Thompson is well known as a professional hockey.

Christina’s latest boyfriend, Nate Thompson, was married to Cristin Thompson in 2013. Given the fact that both of these people and single and as far as they are willing to be together, why not? Christina first met Tarek shortly after graduating college when she was working in the real estate industry. They also remember ages, birthdays, heights, and weights.3. DFHFs keep it simple because they'd rather watch the game than text their BFF. I don't eat anything at games, usually because I'm too busy telling Colton Orr to clean the ice with Eric Godard's face.Carrie and Mike, Hilary and Mike, Willa and Mike...What is it with girls and hockey players named Mike?Tarek told police that he brought the gun with him because of mountain lions and rattlesnakes in the state park. El Moussa subsequently agreed to give up all firearms for 30 days.