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Samantha mathis who is she dating - dating preference quiz

But of River, who was set to star alongside Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire, Samantha has more pragmatic memories.‘He had time for every problem and every possibility,' she says, ‘but I have learned to be much more selfish in my outlook.

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I enjoyed learning how to shoot a gun, and it was very confidence-building to be able to pull off a few stunts. It also gave her an opportunity to work with 26-year-old Christian Slater again, who was her co-star six years ago in Pump up the Volume and, ironically, the man who replaced River on Interview with the Vampire. I do remember reading about how she said it was a nightmare.. Despite a supposedly clean-living lifestyle, he died from a lethal drug overdose.

Otherwise, it can all become too much.' Samantha, who co-starred with River in The Thing Called Love in 1993, knew that his performances in films like Stand by Me and My Own Private Idaho had set him up to earn recognition as ‘the new James Dean'.

Dean died in 1955 in a car crash after starring in just three films and is still remembered as a tragic genius whose promise was never fulfilled.

But at 25, as her film career takes another leap forward, with a major role in Broken Arrow with John Travolta and Christian Slater, Samantha has at last decided to talk about her memories of the night River died and the emotions that rememberance provokes.

‘I certainly look back on the night he died as a nightmare,' she says frankly. He had gone to the club simply to play his guitar and enjoy himself, but his life at the time seemed under so much pressure. He took the problems of the world on his shoulders and could not seem to shake off blacks moods of depression. It was so far from his mind and, together, we shared a loving, caring life.

It's an older article that was done with a few years after River's death, but, I still think its a good one, considering that Samantha no longer talks of his death EVER. --------------------------------------------------------- Why I Still Grieve For River By Samantha Mathis The Broken Arrow star talks for the first time about her feelings for River Phoenix, her lover at the time of his tragic death Samantha Mathis followed her boyfriend River Phoenix as he staggered out of a Hollywood nightclub and crouched on the cold pavement.

She held his head as he slipped into unconsciousness. He died within an hour of being taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles.Sadly, there is a feeling among some people in Hollywood that they are somehow invincible.Like them, River began to think that nothing could touch him.You know, it made me see what is really important and what isn't.Ultimately, I have really had to learn to laugh at life, too.I put on the television at the weekend and I Love You to Death was on, and there he was. OH in the movie the thing called love there is a scene where they are in the hospital and the dialog is very eerie! Below is an excerpt on some comments that Samantha Mathis made about her late boyfriend. Why I Still Grieve For River By Samantha Mathis The Broken Arrow star talks for the first time about her feelings for River Phoenix, her lover at the time of his tragic death.

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