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The name kune kune and colours of the pigs also correspond with the Old Poland pig.

This theory states that the Maori brought kune kunes with them when they came to New Zealand, and that the pigs survived and bred. There are no fossil signs of pigs in New Zealand until the late 1700s, when Europeans discovered New Zealand and began letting their pigs loose on small offshore islands and later the mainland.

Sir Peter Buck (Te Rangihiroa) discovered evidence of pigs similar to kunes in Tahiti in 950AD; from where the Maoris are thought to have originally came from.

The pigs in Tahiti in fact have the same name as in New Zealand - kune kune.

He also had a good theory about the introduction of pigs into New Zealand which is better documented in the 'Theory #5: Whalers and Sealers' section.

Because of the uncertain nature of the subject, genetic research is at present being carried out to determine the origin of the kune kune and other New Zealand pig breeds. Theory #1: Maori Canoe The modern kune kune seems to be linked geographically with areas of strong historic and modern Maori attachments, like the East Coast, Waikato, Northland, Bay of Plenty.

So it is very likely that when the Maoris were in canoes coming to New Zealand, along with the Polynesian rat and dog, they also had kune kunes.

But because of the length and hardships of the journey no pigs survived to breed in New Zealand.Some of the first pigs to come to New Zealand were brought by the French explorer De Surville, who gave a sow and a boar to a Maori Tribe in Doubtless Bay in 1769.It is generally assumed these were killed and eaten before they bred.There are several theories: In 1945 an article in the Journal of Agriculture by J W Peirson speculated that kune kunes originated in China from the Old Poland breed.These Polish pigs are black and white and are the only other pigs in the world to display chin tassels.In 1773 during Cook's second voyage in New Zealand, Captain Furneax released one boar and two sows at Cannibal Cove in Queen Charlotte Sound, but these were later caught by the Maoris and eaten.

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