Sarah harding girls aloud dating in the dark

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Sarah harding girls aloud dating in the dark - Adult webcam rated

We care about each other and we're best friends in the house, but I just want to draw a line under it.

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I'm shaking.'Unfazed by her reaction, Sam continued to get at Sarah and insisted that Rylan Clark-Neal would be having a field day on CBB's Bit On The Side over her smooch, while suggesting that her secret beau will appear as a guest on the show.

'If I ever get in trouble with a missus, I'm going to be like well if Sarah Harding did it...' Sam joked, prompting Sarah to say: 'Stop man, that's not how I roll.' Viewers later saw her lamenting to Chad about her tricky situation, insisting again that she doesn't want to hurt anybody.

Chad, however, pointed out that Sarah will end up hurting someone, as he likes her, and told the singer that she now has to choose.

I don't know what I'm doing man.'Chad cheekily asked if that meant he has now been 'friend-zoned', with Sarah telling him: 'You don't live here and you don't have consequences, I have.'Elsewhere in the episode, another romance was beginning to blossom for Sam and former X Factor star Amelia Lily.

They have been growing closer while living in the Elstree compound lately and after sharing his feelings for Amelia in the diary room, Sam finally confessed to the vocal talent that he likes her.

'You can tell she's pulled back and I have to do the same,' he explained. She says we got caught up in the emotions, but I didn't get caught up, I knew I liked her.'Earlier in the episode, Chad was seen hinting at his kiss with Sarah to Sam Thompson and Jordan Davies who had suspected that the pair had got intimate.

Talk quickly turned to Sarah's situation outside of the house, with Paul Danan warning Chad to be 'respectful' of the starlet's beau.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said: 'My dad grew it, so I stole it and I sold it.' Helen and Sandi were left shocked at Brandi's admission and she left them even more open-mouthed as she confessed: 'I blackmailed my dad once... 'We all wanted a 100 bucks - my sister, brother and I - and we said we were going to call the police.

I was in high school, 100 bucks was so much money back then.

It was revealed that Jordan is considered the least loyal, Jemma Lucy the most manipulative, Shaun Williamson the most famous and Sarah was voted as the favourite housemate.

Clad in their cheerleader ensembles, Helen was seen questioning Brandi Glanville over her childhood and while Brandi admitted she had never been a cheerleader, she claimed she used to 'sell weed' to her school friends.

'I need to get back into the real world, I can't assess anything while my head is in here,' Sarah told him.