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Are you taking a long vacation during summer break? Finding a time when you can commit to an SAT study schedule is most important.

Most of us are not Doogie Howser, and we recommend against taking the SAT in the 5th grade.In fact, even by freshman year most students haven’t taken the classes that would adequately prepare them for the SAT.After all, how many have been in math classes dealing with higher-level polynomials or English classes in which they’ve read any of the Bronte sisters?But if for some reason we still don’t have you covered, you know the drill: leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!Here are the three big things you want to consider: You want one month of solid SAT prep.The best SAT date will depend on whatever time you will be able to commit to prepping seriously for at least one month straight.

It will be well in time before school deadlines, so that you can retake the test, if necessary.So here we are to give you comprehensive, up-to-date information about SAT test dates.We’ll also let you know other important SAT deadlines (such as Ivy League application deadlines) so that you can make the most informed decision.If you notice, there’s a pattern that I doubt the College Board will deviate from any time soon: from past SAT test dates, we can tell that the first SAT after the summer is in the first week of October. And the last SAT of the year will be in the first week of December. They’re important, but really this post is all about you and when your best date is.Here, we have a bunch of FAQs about SAT test dates.The Ivies have January 1 as their regular decision deadline, generally speaking, and early action or early decision deadlines on November 1.

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