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Russia and Iran have staunchly backed Syrian President Assad while Saudi Arabia has supported the Sunni rebels fighting to oust him.

More recently, tensions were high over the war in Syria.

Saudi Arabia is at war with Iranian-allied rebel fighters in Yemen and is embroiled in a diplomatic standoff with Qatar, which has found support from Tehran. ties were strained under the Obama administration over its backing of a nuclear agreement with Iran and its handling of the Syrian conflict.

Though Salman’s visit signals closer Russian ties with Sunni Arab Gulf states, Russia’s support for Iran is not expected to change. S., meanwhile, remains Saudi Arabia’s top weapons supplier and its most critical Western ally. Relations improved under the Trump administration, but Washington’s focus in Syria continues to be on fighting the Islamic State group, not on ousting Assad.

“A number of Gulf leaders have been going with greater regularity to Moscow and I think for a simple reason: Russia has made itself much more of a factor in key parts of the Middle East as the U. has taken a step back in some ways, particularly in Syria,” said Brian Katulis, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

The Saudi monarch’s visit comes after decades of strained relations.

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MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman on Thursday opened talks in the first official visit of a Saudi monarch to Russia that’s expected to focus on oil and the war in Syria. Andrew’s Hall, Putin in televised remarks hailed the king’s visit as a “landmark” event.

Salman in his reply called Russia a “friendly nation” and said his country is committed to strengthen ties “in the interests of peace and security.” Relations between the two countries have often been strained.

During Cold War times, the Saudis helped arm Afghan rebels fighting against the Soviet invasion.

The kingdom, much like Russia, has been hit by the fall in oil prices since mid-2014.

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