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I believe that is one of the reasons why people stay in that religion, because of the fear of going to hell.”It wasn’t a fear Ferrer found easy to overcome.

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At a small, shabby-chic café that wouldn’t look out of place in America’s hipster strongholds, I watched as approximately 20 young, middle-class, university-educated people gathered for one of these meetings.“The country has a lot of potential—people just need to change their minds.You can't rely on a deity to get yourself out of poverty, you have to do it yourself.”While she runs the classes, Ferrer’s colleague, Jamie Del Rosario Martinez, runs the food program, dishing out meat stew and rice to the children alongside young volunteers who have joined the mission.Martinez told me she didn’t want to air her views in front of her sister-in-law.Her fellow volunteer, however, was happy to keep talking.“I read the Bible and every time I read it I felt so guilty,” Ferrer said.After qualifying as a teacher herself, she taught at a Christian school run by her mother.“I felt uneasy,” she said.

“There was a pastor that would regularly come to school to show very young children in kindergarten films about hell.The vast majority of Filipinos haven’t heard of “Miss M,” and despite claims that the atheist movement is growing, there are no truly high-profile Filipino atheists forcing themselves into the public eye and battling religious belief on the national stage.Even though most of the new atheists of the Philippines look up to the New Atheists of the West as role models, there is no Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, or Sam Harris here.Her decision to “come out” as an atheist devastated her mother.“I am the only girl in the family,” Ferrer explained.Martinez lives with her husband and in-laws in the slum.