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Mc Cain may be a very flawed candidate but he's a hundred times the statesman John Barrow will ever be and Barack Obama kept his total in GA-12 down to 45%, his worst Georgia showing outside the Atlanta Metro Area.

The most common is 30/360, which means that each month is assumed to be 30 days long, and the year is assumed to be 360 days.

As you probably know, Blue America officially endorsed Regina Thomas Saturday and started raising money for her primary campaign against conservative Blue Dog John Barrow.

Regina has a distinguished record as a state legislator and a tireless fighter for ordinary Georgia families.

We used to have fun commenting about the bond market, including Treasuries, Mortgages, Municipals, and Corporates. Since it’s a slow holiday week, I thought why not actually post the calculation? Any time a bond trades, the buyer pays the seller a fraction of the upcoming coupon payment, with the fraction being equal to the fraction of the coupon period which has already passed.

Contact the Author: accruedint at Looking at the logs from this website, I see that every day at least a couple people land here looking for how to calculate accrued interest on some interest bearing instrument. To prevent this, bonds trade with accrued interest.

In fact the head of the RNC is probably exactly what this C-Span caller has in mind, although he doesn't realize it.

I hate when decent folks get tarred with the same brush that should be used to describe conservatives!

to me that the dishwasher we purchased would "require" a rinse aid to work properly. The dishwasher "requires" a rinse aid to work properly.

When the dishes weren't getting very clean and weren't drying at all (even with the abhorred heat dry! I knew immediately that I wanted to find an environmentally friendly rinse aid (although I admit to using Jet Dry until I figured it out!

"I know they have an opinion but I wish that they would be honest and call in on the right line...

Everyone one of 'em thinks that Obama is Jesus Christ and they don't like when anybody criticizes him." You know, there still are a few black Republicans.

Yesterday the Savannah Morning News mentioned the Blue America endorsement and I browsed through the comments.