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The youths try to flag down a taxi in Putali Sadak – a busy marketplace of Kathmandu.But soon they learn that there is a taxi strike in the city and the only vehicle available to them is a newspaper delivery van with no seats.

‘They were embarrassed and afraid that now everyone would point at me and say “she talks of sex”.Not long ago, they were socially ostracized, he says: “People looked down upon the disabled.They were seen as people who brought bad luck to others.” Today, however, there are special facilities for people with disability, including quota in educational institutions and government jobs.“They laugh and ask me questions that are irrelevant.” He, however, has a solution: “Let them laugh, but encourage them to ask what’s relevant to them.” Others like Dan Bahadur often find communicating sexual health in their local language very challenging: “Take ‘nightfall’ for example. Disabled youths who have spinal injury will have nightfall, but cannot feel it as they are paralyzed down the waist.It’s important for them, as well as for those who care for them to know this, so they can maintain cleanliness.But, ask her about sexual health services and the shyness vanishes in an instant as she speaks passionately of how youths of her country must have rights to such services.

“Our country runs on the shoulders of young people.Youths for youths On a late October morning, IDN catches up with Bhattarai and two other youths as they set out for a school to a government-run high school.The youths, trained and supported by Marie Stopes International (MSI) – a global organization working on SRHR – are part of a 10-member group called ‘Rocket and Space’ that aims to educate in and give access to SRHR to every youth of their city and region.“They think we can do it better (than them),” she says with a tinge of pride in her voice.“No taboo” education An hour later, the three youths tumble out of the van and enter a fortress-like building of the government-run school.Yet, when it comes to sexual health, the disabled people, especially youths are normally forgotten.

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