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Sex numbers no paying - pb loss in u pb dating

The number of men paying women for sex has nearly doubled in a decade, UK research suggests.

It warns men's lifestyles put them at risk of catching sex diseases, yet few are getting checked in clinics.

New research shows that paying for sex isn't nearly as common place as most people seem to think.

The study also showed that people who seek out sex for money aren't much different than your average person.

The study authors, from Imperial and University College London, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the National Centre for Social Research, do not believe the rise in paying for sex is the prime cause for this, but warned it could be a contributing factor.

Risky behaviour While women who sell sex in the UK have been targeted by campaigns to promote safer sex and uptake of sexual health checks, on the whole men who pay for sex have not, they said.

When compared to people who didn't visit prostitutes, men from the national survey were somewhat less likely to be white, somewhat less likely to be working full-time, more likely to be unemployed, and slightly less likely to consider extramarital sex as wrong.

National customers were slightly less likely to be married (a difference echoed among the offender sample) but also less likely to report never having been married. The study shows that there's no certain type of man who goes to prostitutes. She said such programmes could be targeted at young male travellers and groups of men going on holiday or stag party trips, but that it might be better to target men in general, starting with school based sex education and mass media campaigns.Peter Baker, of the Men's Health Forum, agreed it was important to target all young men because those most at risk were the least likely to use health services."My concern is that if people are going abroad where there might be less safe sex, they really ought to be thinking about the possible risks.Stopping STIs "Men who pay for sex should be the target of health promotion campaigns and screening initiatives," she said.Meeting new sexual partners while abroad, including in countries with higher rates of STIs than the UK also increased risk.