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I work in public health at Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne and at a local private practice called Marshall Street Practice specialising in conditions related to musculoskeletal disorders of pregnancy, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and lactation related problems (such as mastitis).I have been working as a physiotherapist for over five years and enjoy the satisfaction of being able to empower individuals to help to manage their own health via exercise and lifestyle changes.

I have chosen to be part of the trial because working in the field I see first-hand the significant benefits that research can bring in progressing healthcare.Hospital stays are focused on the baby’s delivery and are considerably shorter, with new mothers usually home within two days of giving birth.This project aims to develop a program in collaboration with the Australian Breastfeeding Association on breastfeeding basics and tutorials using the latest wearable technology from Google.The wearable device displays prompts of key concepts providing direction, and if needed, personalised help from a counsellor is just a video call away.A specially trained counsellor will guide the mother through the breastfeeding process, addressing any specific concerns and questions through a private and secure live video stream. The service is on demand when and where it is needed, no matter where the mother is located.After an eight week trial of the technology and counselling service, the Project concluded with all mothers breastfeeding confidently.

We are proud to have assisted the women during their first weeks of motherhood and would like to dedicate this short film to them.

Prior to taking maternity leave, I have been a contract IT Project Manager for many years – or in other words, a professional bossy boots.

My focus has been on Infrastructure, Security and Risk projects throughout the Asia Pacific region, and within Financial Services.

For example: “I’m not upset that you didn’t complete your technical specifications, just disappointed” becomes “I’m not upset that you didn’t complete your homework, just disappointed” But I’ll also be learning new skills and breastfeeding is most definitely one I want to have every chance of mastering.

I have two sisters with children, one successfully breastfed, the other could not.

The Trial found that mothers and counsellors used the service not simply for breastfeeding advice but for other common mother concerns.

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