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With the help of this extension, adaptive pockets are fitted into the area to be roughed.As a result, high feedrate cutters can be used more efficiently and the linear machine movements allow higher feedrate values to be achieved than before.

Benefit: Tool-friendly, greater process reliability. This is a new strategy for the efficient machining of T-slots.

The user can either choose a free definition or the orthogonal or computational middle point of the tool cutting edge.

The user can define different cutting reams for a tool.

Benefit: Simple and fast programming, fast milling. This eliminates retraction movements between the individual operations and significantly reduces auxiliary processing times.

Two new functions ensure greater user-friendliness. A perfect surface and an equally perfect curve are created automatically for swarf cutting based on selected geometries via a surface selection. All connecting paths are optimised with respect to the component and checked for collisions. Real machine collisions not only cause damage to machines; they also lead to production losses and associated time delays.

Interactively position the Z coordinates for surface, depth and clearance plane in the CAD*.

These planes can be resized to allow a better visualisation. *only for hyper CADFollowing a roughing operation, the new cycle generates HSC-optimised toolpaths for rest material machining.

This is why the actual machining situation, that is, the machine including controller and PLC, is mapped virtually and simulated based on the NC code in the hyper MILL VIRTUAL Machining Connector provides in-depth, unique networking and synchronisation with the machine.

Reliable and comprehensive simulation: Often, machine movements are only simulated on the basis of internally used data.

This allows the tool to be used with different orientations.

The cutting ream and reference point are supplied automatically by the hyper MILLThis new function allows open and closed pockets to be machined very efficiently.

This strategy guarantees efficient machining, particularly for cutting dies.