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I buy most of my lingerie from Primark, Peacocks, Matalan and ASDA with the odd item from La Senza, Lingerie boutiques and ebay.

I have a selection of wigs, I prefer blonde wigs best.

● 3rd June 2017 - Caught a taxi to the train station, caught a train to Manchester all glammed uo. ● "Purple sequin mini dress, Sept LFF." 18th Sept 2017. ● "Boohoo Sequin Mini Dress I wore for September BNO." 11th Sept 2017. I only have one regret and that is that I wish I had started this years ago! I'm very new to dressing so have a lot to learn so I really like to get nice guestbook comments to egg me on with my quest, what ever that is !

● 26th May 2017 - First time going out in the daytime and in casual. ● "Walking on Brewery Wharf Bridge, Leeds" 6th Sept 2017. ● "That Smarties Dress I wore for Pride" 31st July 2017. ● "Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time". A big thanks to all you kind people who rated my pictures, I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. I have NEVER purged or doubted what I am doing, I can't even imagine ever getting rid of stuff, it simply cost too much ! I don't base my look on anyone, I just dress how I think a real girl should dress, or probably how I would like my girlfriend to dress.

If I did want to actually transition fully then I'm just the right height for doing so but quite frankly I am very happy with my cock and the pleasure is brings me and others so no way have I even considered it. I've been dressing up since I was about 14 but only in private and only ever in lingerie, In 2011 I discovered TVChix and started meeting others like me, this site changed my life.

In November 2013 I discovered the other side of Gemma, that is going out fully dressed. ► Favourite Films : Aliens Inception Truman Show The Matrix ► Favourite TV shows : Breaking Bad Lie to me Fringe 9.11.63 Vice The Hustle Cracker ► Favourite Comedians : I love stand-up comedy a lot, I have seen so many and collected a lot of autographs over the years. 13th Oct 2017 - BNO (8th), Meal at TGI Fridays with 12 gurls then the most busy BNO ever, so many people I know, awesome night out.

● 6th August 2017 Leeds Pride parade, WOW the most memorable moment of my life. ● That Union Jack dress worn for BNO March 10th 2017. ● Tgirls to go out with socially for chats and friendship (such as RFW, Notts Invasion LFF, BNO etc). Check out my hundreds of Flickr photographs which are larger and building as the weeks go by, 99.99% of them are rated restricted so you need to sign in and turn off safe-search to see them. Genuine, Honest, Reliable, Trustworthy and Filthy as fuck:) I'm best known for my erotic true stories.

● 29th July 2017 Nottingham Pride parade, carrying the banner for Notts invasion. ● Sexy real girls or Tgirls to have NSA fun with, either at your place, A hotel or at The Attic. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Welcome to the secret world of Gemma Smith, The deeply erotic, passionate and sensuous Party girl. My stories are the most popular stories ever published on TVchix with thousands of views.● 22nd July 2017 - My first ever Pride, awesome experience. I am happy to do all of the above with the right person or just one of the above, I'm such a friendly, down to Earth easy going kind of girl that you will like me either way hopefully :) ● I really want to meet a couple who want to play, if you both like the idea of meeting Gemma then let me know. I have completely changed in the last few years after discovering makeup, being fully smooth, Going out dressed and meeting so many new friends.● 1st July 2017 - First time creating natural cleavage. ● 16th June 2017 - Went out in Nottingham in daytime casual mode around the Market Square. ● "Me and Emily walking in corridor." 12th Sept 2017. ● "Gemma and Emily's weekend in Hull." 30th June 2017. I am Gemma only at the weekends so I tend to make the most of it. Feel free to message me about anything, I love to hear from people.Watch my You Tube Trailer video to get a good idea of my world! ) leggy social girly looking to meet friendly girls/TGirls for social nights out around the UK. ► Profile Status : New profile pic added 18th Sept please rate if you like it. I'm very easy to get on with and will do my best to make you feel relaxed in my company. 😍 I am not Gay, I am a woman that loves other women, even if they do happen to have a cock :) I am the famously Happy Gemma Louise Smith, a gorgeous confident 20 something (yea right! I am in my late 40's (but look in my late 20s in certain wigs and outfits) and love to make new friends for a chat, go out clubbing or just stopping in for some amazing sex.I am well known for my smile and fun loving attitude to life. I'm 5' 7", size 14, 100% smooth, Natural looking, convincing, fun and have a real naughty side too! ) ► Flickr Galleries : 1914 Photos/Videos, 6011 Followers. ► Next social meets : 10th Nov BNO, 11th Nov Pink Punters, 1st Dec LFF, 2nd Dec Leeds, 15th/16th Dec Sheffield, 22nd Dec to 1st Jan 2018 Hull. ● "Give me Loving", April Pro Makeover, 30th April 2017. I am not a shy t-girl as you will find out if you go out with me.