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When the show abruptly ends, James’s life changes forever, and he sets out to finish the story …Now with English subtitles for the Tagalog dialogue! From Tsuburaya Productions comes this kids matinee movie culled together thelate 1970s Japanese tv series "Dinosaur War Izenborg".Low low low budget musical spoof on Batman and Robin! Great unauthorized use of the Dynamic Duo and other famous comic characters! The dinosaurs and giant monsters (some of whom talk!The humor is toned down a bit, there are some great zombies and ghosts and overall this film is much better then the first "Spooky Encounters" (this is a sequel in name only and story-wise there is no connection).It's strange to me that this film has yet to be released on DVD and remains so hard to find as it really stands out!Auntie (1995, erotica) IN JAPANESE LANGUAGE WITH NO SUBTITLES Directed by ?

, Japan A young man moves into the home of his Uncle and his pretty Aunt, not to mention his sexually aggressive nubile teenage cousin.After delivery the kid goes bonkers and attacks "daddy" who was also in on the murder! The other 2 stories never quite live up to the opening but are still interesting. Erastheo Navoa, Philippines Ultra-weird fantasy / action / adventure film about a chubby young boy born with superpowers who must travel through a mystical and dangerous land to find his real (dead? On his journey he helps a tribe of midgets battle a giant Cyclops and takes on a 2-headed monster with the aid of a Wonder Woman-ish female super hero! (Also available in a full-frame Cantonese language version with no subtitles.) Rated R (Wu gong zhou / "Centipede Curse", 1984, horror) WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE CANTONESE LANGUAGE WITH BURNT-IN ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Keith Li, Hong Kong Sicko bug-barfing & wizardry! Over-the-top gross-outs and definitely not for the squeamish! This is the original Japanese version without the color inserts added to the US version.The second and goofiest one is a typical revenge-from-beyond curse story, but the last tale, about a man wrongly sent to death who comes back from the grave by performing a sacred reincarnation ritual, is quite moving! He also fends off the local village against vampire creatures and an evil scientist. Calamity Of Snakes (Ren she da zhan, 1982, horror) WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH JAPANESE SUBTITLES OFF TO THE SIDE Directed by William Chang Kee, Hong Kong A construction team unearths thousands of deadly snakes at a posh Hong Kong resort. Rated RHilarious mess about 3 clones that go after Bruce Lee's murderer or something. Starring Kanako Michi, Akira Ishihama, Chjr Hanakawa and Yasuko Matsui.The sites we launch are also super fast and intuitive for users. It's how we helped create the two biggest new media companies to date: Axios The Dodo. We act as your developers, UX experts, QA team, and designers all at the same time.