Singapore breaks speed dating world record

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Singapore breaks speed dating world record

At that time, it had been just five days since his win at the Rio Olympics made him the first Singaporean to earn an Olympic gold medal.

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Actually, they should have just told us to bring lots of namecards!

The team also broke the record for travelling the furthest distance on a single tank of hydrogen, reaching 400 miles.

The demonstration, which was carried out as part of Hydrogen week - to showcase global research into the use of hydrogen as a source of power - saw the team make 50 laps of the M25 which surrounds London.

Also on the cards is training on how to carry himself in interviews and in public. But even he has difficulty keeping pace with what has been a whirlwind week after That Win.

The world's fastest 100m butterfly swimmer ever in a textile suit told The Sunday Times last Thursday that the events of the past week had gone by in a blur - "crazy, like zero to hundred", was how he put it.

The Code Word game had us look for objects that would spell the words ‘SPEED DATING’.

So we could use a Spoon for the ‘S’, a pen for the ‘P’, etc.

I refused to state my handphone number as what’s the point in that? Plus, they will ALREADY know what I do before sending me an email via my blog. 😉 Anyway, the way it worked was that there were 5 guys and 5 gals seated at each table, with, of course, a girl next to every guy.

I expect people will call me days after the event and say something like “Erm, Grace ah, you left me your contact number at the SDN event. ” I left them my blog url and facebook page url instead. When the ‘gong’ sounds, the guys have to get up and move to the next table. ” Him: “Alright, if you can’t chill…” *folds his arms, refuses to talk, and just plays with his handphone. Me: *Leaves for the washroom* I hope no other girl has the misfortune of meeting this guy!!! Yes, we can jolly well lose the extra fat, but you can also just find the right angle – which is faster?

Here are the rules, if you are interested: Actually, most of the guys flouted the rules.

In fact, the first guy who spoke to me (when we were both still OUTSIDE the event venue) had already asked for my age within the first minute or so of conversation.

It is also unlikely that he will continue to be mobbed like he was every day when he was back in Singapore.

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