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Meanwhile, Robert gives a new treadmill desk a try; and Bobbi's aglow after being called an "inspiration" by a former student.With Hayden's wealthy father on his deathbed and preparing to bequeth Hayden's favorite staff, Gerry attempts to ingratiate himself to the young student.

Meanwhile, Simon and Nisha ready themselves for their big first kiss, and Bobbi attempts a "kill 'em with kindness" method for dealing with a difficult student.Bobbi tries a new tactic in order to motivate her lethargic students and Nisha discovers a manipulative teaching technique. But when he realizes their semifinals will be interfering with his all-important social schedule, he sets out to sabotage them at the quarterfinals.Meanwhile, Robert needs to increase the 'between class hustle,' and Trudy posts a terrible photo on the allergy wall.Dee and Volpe originally pitched the show as an American reboot with Dee reprising his role however CBS is looking to use the show as a vehicle for an American star with Dee and Volpe getting executive producer credits.Veteran comedic actor Tom Arnold has been signed to the title role. Hertz has previously been executive producer of popular American sitcoms Spin City and King of Queens.Dee revealed the initial contact with Will Arnett came from a friend of a friend who went to school with Arnett.

He state there had been small interest from American television in the past, but this was the first serious proposal to get an American version of the show up.

While Dee understands a show about his life as a teacher before he became a comedian will be adapted to suit American audiences, with changes including a multi-camera American sitcom system rather than the single camera Canadian system, he hopes the American version will retain Mr.

D’s mix of character humour, physical comedy and authenticity, along with its use of talented young actors for students instead of 25-year-olds playing teenagers.

But making countless beaded bracelets at home is tedious work, and Gerry soon realizes he has a whole classroom full of potential unpaid labourers just waiting to be exploited.

Gerry and Lisa attempt to navigate their new reality as a married couple.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Robert are named co-principals, shifting the balance of power; and Nisha ruins an innocent children's game.

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    Finally they've chosen their busty classmate and Amanda invited her to their place.

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    Students range from the new 18 year old freshmen looking to have fun to the senior looking to find someone to marry before they graduate.