Sirius updating library

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And this is the low end of the cost — if you don’t own the hardware or want to access your Sirius XM online, it’s going to cost you extra.If the FCC’s intent was to ignore the issues of customer price fixing and price gouging in order to maintain satellite radio’s profitability, they did a great job.

I gave my updated payment information and then asked to have my subscription taken off of automated billing and renewal.But nobody pays 7.88 for their first year of Sirius XM. And like any bait-and-switch introductory rate, the fine print says that unless you call to cancel your subscription, you will automatically be billed the full .99/month in perpetuity.After my initial free six months and toward the end of my killer one-year deal, I started getting the expected renewal offers in the mail. The regular price for 6 months of service is 3.94. Only now, they wouldn’t accept my terms to have a subscription without it being automatically renewed and billed.Without the government’s blessing on its monopoly, satellite radio might have gone the way of the 8-track.But the industry elite had deemed satellite radio too big to fail.When the six months was up, I was offered a great introductory deal.

I forget exactly what the rate was, but it was far less than the .99/month default payment plan (7.88 when billed monthly for a year).There seemed to be a new one every two weeks — even before I could consider the 50% off, they were throwing 60% off at me. I could pay by check, but the service would auto-renew and a new check would be due unless I called to cancel.So, like your typical idiot consumer, I made a mental note to cancel my account right before the “six months for ” deal expired, and I forgot.The merger was not good for artists or fans, but who cares about them, right?No, this blog post is not about the obvious ethical bankruptcy of the FCC or of large media conglomerates like Sirius XM.It’s crazy that a world of digital music still can’t compete with satellite radio for convenience in the car.