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Speed dating score card - who is amy nuttall dating

When the program is done, the participants get to check out the books they have chosen. Another way of doing this is for the participants to sit in a circle and pass their books to someone else, instead of going to different tables each round.

If, at the next table, they find a book that they like better, they must leave the first book at that table – at no time should they have 2 books at once. “Blind Date with a Book –or– Speed Dating for Books.” N.p., . After doing some research online, it appears that it is a popular idea that teens really enjoy and it gets them to read books that they may not normally pick up.All you need to do is set up a few tables, gather the books ahead of time (these can be a mix of fiction and nonfiction or just fiction or just nonfiction), create a scorecard, and have a timer (or watch/clock) available............................................................................. A few weeks ago, I was told about a teen programming idea that sounded like it could be a lot of fun: Book Speed Dating.During the summer months, it is easy to pick up inexpensive books at thrift stores, yard sales, and block sales. Later, one of my former students became the teen librarian at our township library. Librarians go through their collections two or more times a year, and if a book hasn't been checked out for an extensive period of time, that book needs to go in order to make room for new titles.

Shelly, my local hook-up, would call me up any time she had collected five or more boxes of books.I let my students self select the tables they moved to first, but you could easily copy the scorecard sheet on different colors of paper to establish groups.If you need six groups, copy the scorecard onto six different colors of paper.It may help to vary the way the participants pass the books on by having them pass 3 to the right one time and 5 to the right another time, etc. It has also been suggested that, if a participant can’t find a book they feel connected to, there should be a “Blind Date table” that he/she has to choose a book from at random. If you are near an Ikea, the Tolsby picture frames comes in packs of 2 for just $.99. The room is set up, your books are carefully displayed, now what?

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