Ssis updating data

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Ssis updating data

button) Once you click on the browse button, a String Value Editor window will be opened to write the SQL Statement.

To use this option, we need to drag a Slowly Changing Dimension transformation to our data flow and follow the wizard accordingly.

This can be done using an sql command like this: --update dimension rows Update D Set Property1=U. Merge Statement SQL Server 2008 came up with a new Merge command that can automatically insert or update records in the destination table in a single statement.

This option is more described in this MSDN BOL article: Using MERGE in Integration Services Packages That’s all I learned when I wrote an ETL for a data warehouse.

For example, Standard Cost, List Price and Dealer Price for all the white color products has been changed and our task is to update the product table with the changed prices.

Before we start designing the SSIS Package let me show you the Table in [SSIS Tutorials] Database Below screenshot show you the changed price list In this example, Our task is to update the old values of the products table in [SSIS Tutorials] Database with the new values in the Costing table.

Handling updates in SQL Server Integration Services isn’t straight forward.

If you have developed an ETL (Extract Transform Load) process for a Data Warehouse, then you may have faced a situation where you needed to update existing records.” like this: This could get tedious to maintain if we have lot of columns in our table since we need to map the ?parameters in the exact order they appeared in the update query.Slowly Changing Dimension transformation This is a nice built-in method that starts a wizard and finally generates a dataflow similar to the one we saw in the first approach if we choose options in the wizard that represent Type 1 SCD with changing attributes.So this option could be regarded as a more maintainable way of approach 1 since it generates all the related data flow components automatically.Within the Component Properties we have to write the SQL Statement we have to perform.