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You can then tag documents for inclusion in and exclusion from the data that you eventually promote to the review workspace with Integration Points.

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Justice Minister Chris Grayling revealed that the two companies had charged for monitoring people who were actually back in prison, who had already left the country or, in a few cases, where “the subject was known to have died”.

He told Channel 4 News: “GPS is not very expensive, the problem is that it hardly works indoors.” Mike Nellis, professor of criminal and community justice at the University of Strathclyde, admits GPS “has its limitations” but says “it’s much cheaper”. “GPS is not perfect but it is perfect enough [for the police].” Professor Woodward, however, warned that there could be civil rights issues involved in “giving GPS to a private company”.

Questions have also been raised about the cost of outsourcing the service to private firms such as G4S and Serco.

The tag is fitted to the subject’s ankle and the monitoring unit is located in the home or other place of curfew.

It acts as a transmitter and sends signals to the monitoring unit, which in turn sends signals to a control centre All movements in and out of the home and other activities, such as removal of the tag or tampering with the equipment are reported to a control centre mananged by G4S or Serco.

Under new proposals, new GPS electronic tags would be used to monitor the movements of offenders up-to 24-hours a day.

However Dr Markus Kuhn, a lecturer in computer science at the University of Cambridge, questioned whether or not GPS would be effective in stopping people breaking their curfew.

It saves you time when managing orders and enables you to easily view only the orders for a particular delivery day.

Without having to look at each order's details screen one by one to find out the delivery date. Store owners who allow customers to choose when their order is delivered.

Think tank Policy Exchange said in 2012 the current arrangements were too expensive.

It said £70m would be saved if tagging was done by police or probation officers instead of private firms.

Auto Tag enables customers to choose a delivery date on their cart page and then automatically tags orders with this date and day of the week in your admin panel.

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