Temporal representation and event dating

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The use of formal logic as a basic language for knowledge representation is motivated by the consideration that one of the main purposes for representing knowledge in AI is to enable reasoning about it, and logic, as the science of inference and deduction, is a natural tool to use for this.Reasoning in logic can take various forms, notably Widely used formal techniques include Natural Deduction, Semantic Tableaux, and various forms of Resolution, which are particularly suitable for automated deduction and form the basis for the logic-programming language Prolog (Bratko ).

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Knowledge Representation as a discipline is thus more concerned with formulating such models than with the collection of individual items of knowledge, although the ultimate purpose of such models is, of course, to support that knowledge.

Together, they could make a very good team, although it would no doubt be most satisfactory for the two sets of skills to be combined in one person.

Currently, computer systems resemble the second child much more than they do the first, and the whole enterprise of KR may be seen as the quest to endow them with something of the capacities of the first child.

Although reasoning is clearly an important aspect of knowledge representation (indeed the major conference series in this area, generally abbreviated KR, has the full title ‘Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning’), the main emphasis in this survey will be on questions of representation as being both more immediately accessible to the novice and in a certain sense more fundamental.

Another emphasis of KR has been on what is known as ‘commonsense knowledge’; this is the kind of knowledge that we humans routinely deploy in our day-do-day existence when we are not engaged in tasks that require technical knowledge and skills that have been acquired through specialist training (Hobbs and Moore ).

But does the child that Paris is the capital of France?

Suppose, on questioning, he proved to have no understanding of, for example, the difference between a country and a city, or the role played in the life of a country by its capital.In the nature of the enterprise, KR as it has been practised in AI has developed strong affinities with disciplines such as philosophy and linguistics, where the nature of what exists, what we can know about it, and how that knowledge is represented are of key importance.These relationships are sometimes regarded as surprising by those whose expectations are that a computer-based subject should be more naturally allied with engineering and the natural sciences.Thus it became clear that part of the quest for AI must involve the development of methods for endowing computer systems with knowledge.This in turn brought to the fore the question of how such knowledge is to be represented within the computer.Knowledge Representation (KR) originated as a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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