Ten commandments of dating ebook

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Ten commandments of dating ebook

Here are the commandments, with very brief summary notes. Those that don’t risk living the “un-life,” which can be characterized by desperation, dependency, and/or depression. While there’s value in romance, feelings, and emotions, there’s a counter-balance that must be employed, and that’s called “thinking.” They suggest a proper balance between head and heart, avoiding going too fast, involving others in your dating process, and evaluating along the way as helpful steps towards exercising your mind. The areas that can be “compromised,” never in the “major” ones. “Take it slow, to get to know.” COMMANDMENT #5: Thou Shalt Set Clear Boundaries.Fundamental principle: dating is not (and should never become) your life. Don’t fall into a myriad of dysfunctional relationship patterns that are marked by an imbalance of quality in character. The balance of “responsibility” is a challenging one in any relationship.

After you get over the initial shock, you check your voicemail to see if there is a message from your sweetheart about reconsidering-or at least something to ease the blow. In fact, you are still stuck in the same emotional ditch you fell into the day you got the e-mail. You now see how you had put your life on hold-your career, interests, friends, and even your relationship with God. Since the relationship has ended, you have nothing to sustain you. Sadly, we have witnessed far too many scenarios just like the above illustration.People with lives do not always have to be in a relationship or on a date to feel good about themselves.People with lives are not church-hopping, barhopping, or consulting phone psychics in hopes of finding The One.You grab a Twinkie and a Coke and plop down on your couch with your laptop.Shuffling through the spam, you scroll past the eight "Make Millions While Working from Home" subject lines and suddenly smile at one from a familiar e-mail address.As you continue to work through the pain, you replay the relationship in your head over and over. Thousands of singles booby-trap their relationship or never even begin them in the first place because they ignore this first and foundational love commandment: Thou Shalt Get a Life!

Years ago the woman of my (Ben's) dreams dumped me twice within a six-week period.That is a predisposition for any book of this genre.Sometimes I wish we would focus more on the driving truths of reality, and apply them to practical situations, rather than address practical situations from which we grab at various truths of reality. Second, the Bible is often proof-texted after-the-fact.Celebrate purity, don’t be home alone, don’t date anyone who is a lot older, watch how you dress, and stay away from porn.COMMANDMENT #8: Thou Shalt Not Ignore Warning Signs.Many people are tired of pouring time, energy, and money into relationships that start off great and end with heartache.

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