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Text chat with hot girls without registration - Webcam fart chats

I'm definitely a fan and it was worth the hours of driving to get there! And they seemed to really like it too because they could do the session for as long as they wanted without the pressure of "how much am I spending? None seemed worried at all about how much they payed for such an interesting event and it totally took the pressure off of worrying "how much will I make tonight? -Christopher L Hey Steve, As I walked around the venue I asked a few of the guys what they thought of the "anything goes / all out in the open" change & many of them liked it for several obvious reasons including the opportunity to sample many different feet in different locations of the property.

You'll receive all of the private party details both online and by email! This was my first footnight ever, and the most lavish foot fun experience I could have ever imagined.I look forward to many more evenings in this format. The owner of the home was extremely hospitable- super friendly and helpful as were the ladies who were assisting him.One of the girls offered to give me a tour of the facility, showing me all of the different areas throughout the house. To sum up, the party was a lot of fun; I had a great time. I didn't have the chance to tell you in person last night what a fantastic evening I had..best party ever!!My favorite part was that we all enjoyed each others company and playing together was authentic. the ladies were terrific and you did a masterful job with your selections- it couldn't have been easy for you!The fact that we didn't have to worry about time or exchanging of $ made it my favorite party yet. My feedback is for the most part extremely positive: 1.If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not proceed with registration Join us for a night of "wall to wall" feet ... She even introduced me to her friend later, something that has never happened at any bar or party for me, im usually the shy quiet guy drinking alone.

Come and join us for a night of hot, intimate, fun and indulgence as you worship the soft, fresh and fragrant feet of our beautiful mode Here is a cool testimonial from one of the Footfriends who was there..

It was so relaxing and comforting to caress her feet and talk, something I always dreamed about. My favorite place in the world is House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

I thoroughly enjoyed pampering them for nearly an hour. What surprised me most is how truly fun and personable the ladies all were, which is great when you're used to be snubbed often by women, and that they WANT you to massage their amazing feet. The energy there fun, comfortable, and very inviting! I talked to the owner of the house and asked him if he'd heard of it and we had a nice little chat.

I know there will be tons of girls wanting to be a part of this. I also only heard one complaint about not having paper towels & witch hazel on the roof, so I took two spray bottles & two rolls of paper towels to the roof.

Feel free to use any parts of my testimonial for the event. All good;)) I am in for next time;) I would even think place can hold more people, of course keep it still exclusive;)) more feet, more kisses more fun;) Sincerely Miss Bon Had so much fun that four hours was just not enough. The thing everybody raved about unanimously was the food & sangria plus one of the girls even said its the best food she ever had at a footnight! --Adam The party was awesome Steve, it was the best Footnight so far.

I played with people that were experienced and those that were not.

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