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I believe teenagers and young adults can and should be in a safe, enjoyable relationship.There is no guide on how to build the perfect relationship or how to be the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend.

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There is no need to behave like identical twins or pushy in your relationship.Don’t fake anything: When you are with your future partner on a date, don’t fake anything.You two are going to be together soon and if you will say something which you actually don’t believe in doing.Don’t ignore your friends: When you enter in a new relationship you want to focus more on that relationship. Don’t ignore your friends because they are the one who are with you in your ups and down.They are the one who are with you without any personal interest.It might be, it will create more confusion between you two.

So, the thumb rule of the relationship is to keep other out of your fight.Dara Tannariello is a freshman at the University of Saint Joseph in Connecticut, majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics.She has congenital hydrocephalus (diagnosed before she was born) and has had 6 shunt revisions. I have been in a relationship that was not healthy for me and it was finding my current boyfriend, Wyatt, who also happens to have hydrocephalus, which has helped me see what a healthy relationship can be.The best thing for making your relationship strong is love your partner unconditionally and the same you will get in return.Give space to your partner: In a partnership, it is important to respect each-other’s privacy.Don’t show your attitude: There is no space for attitude in this relationship.