The truth about dating guides

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The truth about dating guides - Free online mistress chat no registration

In the nearly 10 years since I first wrote the Biblical Dating series on Boundless, I and other Boundless authors have addressed some pretty nuanced and specific questions about dating relationships.One of the great things about Boundless is that the community here is, within the confines of a clear and evangelical understanding of the Gospel, often pretty diverse in terms of the specific recommendations and approaches to dating represented by various authors.

The orthodox, uncontroversial interpretation of this language is that it instructs men and women not to relate in ways that arouse or encourage sexual desire or a high, unique level of intimacy until it is appropriate (i.e., within the context of marriage illustrated in the book).

Several passages tell us that the (unrepentant) sexually immoral will not enter the kingdom of heaven (see Galatians 5), and Proverbs presents numerous warnings against such sin (for example, Proverbs -).

First Corinthians directs us to " [that is, turn and run] from sexual immorality," and Ephesians 5:3 (in the NIV) warns that there must be "not even a hint" of such immorality among believers.

Call this the positive corollary to the sexual sin principle.

Scripture treats marriage as a unique and exclusive relationship, not just in its status, but in the means of relating within that status.

How can we search Scripture on a topic that may be only indirectly addressed in the Bible (or evaluate what someone else has written on such a topic) without either being overly dismissive on the one hand or inappropriately "proof-texting" on the other?

The most important idea to keep in mind is that as we read Scripture for "indirect" guidance, we must make sure that we are conscious about genre, context and authorial intent.

As already discussed, Song of Songs seems to be one long illustration of that idea.

Ephesians -33 also holds marriage out as unique in its level of commitment, relational bond, intimacy and as an illustration of the Gospel.

The idea that some levels of relationship are unique to marriage should get our attention as we engage in relationships that present a constant temptation to tread into "marriage" areas regarding emotional and physical intimacy, companionship, and the special status that dating partners tend to occupy in our lives.

Once we acknowledge that dating is not an "anything goes" enterprise with regard to intimacy, we're in a better position to think through what a godly, responsible level of intimacy is.

So if you are a regular and thorough Boundless reader, you've had a lot to think about!

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